Comparing the all new small segment economic cars

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Usually people like to buy small segment cars for driving easily in the city traffic. Many companies introducing small cars but some of them will get successful at the market. These cars are very low cost and it is suitable for moderate income families. Income determines the expense in a family so the people who are looking for really a economic class car then they can buy the all new Maruti Suzuki alto 800, It is introduced in both gas and petrol model. This really challenges the new Eon from Hyundai and beat from Chevrolet. The features in this car really attracts the customers when going for test drive.

Even though Eon is also a good small segment but it the maintenance is little higher than the alto 800. the pulling power is lesser than alto 800,also the body base is very low that will not suit to drive in rough roads. As same the Chevrolet beat is giving the warranty of 1lkh km but it performance is low when comparing the other two. The body colored bumpers will really adds the beauty on the beat. Interior is almost same in all the three cars but alto 800 is more spacious with a huge luggage space. Power windows , Power mirror, Leather seat covers, dual tin audio system are the additional features of the alto 800. The important strategy used in this car is, the weight is increased also the torque and power is fixed to get enough pulling power for 700kgs, at the same time it delivers the best fuel efficiency. The turning radius is very low at4.60mtrs where you can easily drive in the city.


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Day by day population is increased leads to buy many vehicles for transportation. Bike is one of the best vehicle to drive easily also more vehicle made much traffic but the bike helps to move quickly in the traffic. Some will drive bikes in their own interest even if they have car because the bike ride will really make more enjoyment. Due to more number of vehicles the atmosphere gets polluted quickly also it makes insufficiency in fuel. Here is the e bikes which can be ride easily by using the electric power. This is the future version of the bike generic, where it has many advantages compare to normal bikes. These bikes are very useful to drive inside the city. The e bike have many features let us discuss about in detail.

 It is operated through electric power by using the rechargeable battery in the bike.
 By charging for one hour then you can travel for 25miles.
 It does not emit any smoke as it is designed as Eco bike.
 Its weight is very less compare to normal where the rotatory motor is installed instead of engine.
 After buying the bike one will spend more money for maintenance but here the maintenance is totally reduced. The only thing is the checking the battery cells and distilled water.
 Even the aged people can easily handle the bike because it is weightless and easy to drive with the automatic gear feature.
 You can save more money because of its cost, no fuel and less maintenance.


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Brake is important part in a vehicle to stop or to protect us from the accidents. If the brake gets failure then one should face severe accident . Earlier the normal brush pad brakes are used , Then drum brakes are installed on the wheels for improving the braking capacity but it has a drawback of skidding while applying suddenly at high speed. So the technology helps to introduces the abs in braking to stop the vehicle without any struggle. ABS is the best braking system followed by all the automobile industries . It uses the disc brake pads on the wheels to slow down properly. Earlier it is fixed only at the front but nowadays it was installed in all the wheels to get more road Grip in turnings , High speed braking .

The ABS system detects the wheel rotation speed for every rotation to maintain the speed level same in all the wheels. If once installed you cannot able to know whether its working properly or not so the abs sensors are fixed on the abs to detect working of it. Electronic stability control (ESC) systems is installed to track the abs and to reduce the power of engine to compensate with wheel rotation. The computer processor is used to detect the abs working condition in all wheels . It is equipped with abs to avoid the lock up and improves the vehicle control. The sensors will get damaged or not working if not replaced frequently . This abs sensors ensures more braking and road grip while applying the brake .

Anti lock braking

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Anti lock braking system is the automobile safety system that allows the wheels on the motor vehicles. It is an automated system that maintain with the principle of threshold braking and cadence braking. It offers improved vehicle control and decreases the stopping distance on dry and slippery surfaces. Anti lock braking system was developed for the air craft by the French pioneer. Anti lock brakes are more used for the motor vehicles because in motor vehicles high proportional skidding can be happened which leads to the accidents.

Anti lock brake controller is known as CAB which is called as controller anti lock brake. Anti lock brake includes the central electronic control unit. It applies the individual pressure to all four wheels through the control system. Anti lock system equipment is used to implement traction control system on acceleration of the vehicle. Components of the anti lock brake are:

1. speed sensors: it is located at the each wheel and provides the information about when the wheel is about to lock up.
2. Values: value in the brake line of each brake is controlled by the anti lock brake system
3. pump: the pump is used for the pressure back up. This can be used to release the pressure from the brakes.
4. Controller: if the loses traction it is sent to the controller. So that controller will limit that brake force.

The main advantage of this is it reduces the vehicle crashes. And it also helps to avoid the run off road crashes.